“After You”

Politeness at the entrance to Heaven on Earth….

On the day of Christmas Eve a patient, who has suffered a lot in her life, asked me my opinion about legalising euthanasia and we engaged in a deep discussion. At one point she mentioned the Boddhisattva Oath. This vow states that the Boddhisattva will not realise or attain Nirvana until all sentient beings have done so.

After this conversation, I had a vision of all humanity complimenting each other at the entrance to Heaven on Earth very politely: ”After you, after you. No, I am not going home into the Light to be with God yet; look I can still see suffering on the planet and I swore to hang out here and wait until the last one is in the Light. No, I cannot possibly stop suffering myself until everybody else is happy. I am only here out of compassion. So, you go first.”


Could it be, that ALL we incarnated human beings are here out of free choice, out of compassion to help end the suffering in the world and that we all swore the Boddhisattva Oath, that is:

“I am going to wait and hang out in the darkness until the very last soul is home with God in the Light.”

….And that there is actually nobody who has to be here to pay off any karmic debts. And that this goodwill – compassion – keeps us stuck in front of the entrance to Heaven on Earth as everyone is committed to being the very last to go back to God into the Light:

”After you, please, after you!”

Let’s go HOME then all together right now.


Yours, Almut
December 2008

Dr. Almut Brandl is a General Practitioner and homeopath living in Scotland as part of the Findhorn Foundation and Community.

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