Day 1 – Healing and the Mystery of Grace

Why we heal, how we heal, and discovering the nature of our own interior resources that support our healing process, are among the most intriguing questions of the human experience. The more we learn about healing, the more we realise that our healing encompasses every component of our life.

For years we have explored the mind-body-spirit template as the foundation of holistic healing, but within that template an unexplored mystery remains — the role of grace. Healing has been approached as a mystery of the mind and emotions, an expedition into discovering the reasons why events happened as they have in our lives. The deeper truth, however, is that genuine healing — complete remissions of diseases within the body — are mystical acts of God and not just the result of shifts of attitudes.

Join us online over the next three days as we explore the mystical component of healing and the profound role of grace and prayer. We’ll be bringing you daily reports of all of Caroline’s sessions.


In today’s opening session, Caroline began, ‘Have you noticed the interesting things happening in the world today? We’re going to work that theme in over the next three days.’ Healing has become the focus of Caroline’s life. She’s working on a book called Beyond Reason: Simple Truths That Can Heal Your Life which explores the premise that there’s nothing reasonable about healing. In the holistic community we’ve thought it was reasonable — that we could crack through it as if there was some path, some series of logical steps, or lessons resulting in a reward for the lessons learned. This presumes that you are adhering to a template of God that states, ‘If I’m a good boy or girl, I’ll be rewarded because I’ve been good.’ It assumes the position that illness is wrong and that health is good. All these assumptions are childlike and need challenging, Caroline insists.

Pain and health can go together and they often do. We think the model of health is a fully functioning body. We’ve made health a very complex dynamic — a journey down the rabbit hole that’s supposed to excavate all the suffering of our lives — ‘who hurt me and why’ — it’s become a crime-solving mission. ‘I have to resolve all my difficulties in order to get better.’ That’s a consciousness so thick with demands, Caroline cautions, that nobody could heal in that morass. When she first got into healing in the 1980’s, the field of holistic health was forming with the idea that holistic and allopathic medicine were in opposition to one another — grace wasn’t even in the field at that time.

We need a historical perspective to understand what’s happening now. Just like the economic system appears to be collapsing, we’re living in a moment in history where the eras are changing. Humanity will discuss this period forever — the time when history became fluid instead of solid. All the dynamics that form life are melting in front of us. We’re experiencing what Buddha called illusion. We haven’t been able to grasp it conceptually, so now we’re going to see it — it’s going to incarnate.

Day-1-CM-CU1.jpgYou can’t explain the mystical — you have to experience it. You have to experience the illusion Buddha teaches about in order to ‘get it.’ It’s similar, for example, to understanding the love of a mother for her child — you can’t know the full force of that love until you become a mother. Everything you thought and read about becomes meaningless when you hold your newborn baby in your arms. Only then do you know the love a mother has for her child through the benefit of direct experience.

The world has experienced eras before. Eras alter consciousness. The era we are experiencing now is an epic era which will alter our global patterning. Throughout history there have been visionaries who could foresee, then come into incarnation and dismantle the structures and introduce an archetypal dynamic — for example, Christianity was a global force which altered the pagan era and brought the shift to an internal God.

We have come to the end of the fossil era and are witnessing the birth of the solar era. We are the generation that is laying the groundwork for the solar age. For us, the solar is theory — we’re trying to see how it functions. We are setting about the rewiring. You are a solar being in physical form.

Nations go to war because we have a consciousness of suffering and we pass on our hatred to the next generation. We think it’s totally rational. We spend time trying to get to the root of why others hurt us, but we do not try to get to the root of why we’ve hurt others. That’s the root of ill health — that’s the part that makes us sick — and we turn it into street currency. ‘I want to make them suffer.’ According to Caroline, we have to get over it because ‘they’ don’t care — this is the cauldron of our poisoning. Until we get past that, we won’t heal. We have an attitude that until our scars are healed we can’t go on. She’s seen this in her work time and again. Illness always has a power factor — it’s about power and self-esteem.

Grace is a tough and painful force sometimes. Healing is one of the most intimidating forces. It’s about you facing a different level of choice that no other dynamic has ever brought. The same thing is happening in our culture — the micro is mirroring the macro. We’re watching entire systems crumble. At both levels, when we get sick or are in chaos — the tendency is to look to history, but that’s how we got sick. There are no answers there.

Now we have to look at what is healthy and dynamic that remains. We need to see through the lens of the new — the solar lens — solar when we look at the world and grace when we look at healing. We need to ask ourselves, ‘How do I respond?’ If we respond through the mind, we’ll miss it. Caroline admonishes, ‘Stop responding like a fossil who wants someone to blame or who is expecting a guarantee in life.’

This is a world that is rebuilding itself at the speed of light. It is a solar world. It fell apart at that speed and it is going to rebuild at that speed. You cannot function at the lower level in this new world. It’s going to get worse and it’s going to get better.

Day-1-CM-1-PV.jpgAccording to Caroline, before we are born, God says, ‘I’m going to hold you responsible for all the creative choices you made. Everything is about you becoming more conscious of the power of your soul in motion.’ All the masters have had full mastery of their souls in matter and they caution us to, ‘be in the world, but not of it.’ Don’t negotiate your soul. Don’t get caught in illusion. To live in the field of grace is devotion, contemplation — it’s not about me, it’s about ‘the other.’

The moment we split the atom, we entered the quantum age and shifted our relationship. The problem is we split the atom with the intention of killing. As Caroline sees it, there always has to be a balance point, so specific world events then happened to effect this. In 1948 Israel became a nation and saw the end of diaspora — a return to the Promised Land. The dead sea scrolls were discovered. The Chinese invaded Tibet in 1959 and the Dalai Lama left Tibet. With him came tremendous wisdom from the East to the West as we have never known. This laid the groundwork for the new age. The Vatican got a new pope, John Paul the 23rd, who dismantled the church and gave people access to their mystical tradition — Catholic mystical tradition meets Eastern. These were the circuits that lit the new age in the 1960s. A revolution hit that cracked down all our barriers — religion, sexuality, feminism. These forces introduced the template through which we now operate.

The 1960’s were about revolution — “I can’t stand it anymore.’ It was about boundaries. In the 1970’s we were saying, ‘Now that we’ve broken through, what do we want’ — involution. Our global cultural pattern was about involution. We started redressing ourselves — giving ourselves a consciousness makeover that declared who the new us was. The third stage then is narcissism. This stage was necessary because we had to be able to separate from the tribe. Most people never get through the eye of this needle because they need the approval of the tribe — this is the tipping point. This is not about my ego — now it’s about the soul — it’s not about you seeing me, it’s about me seeing God. This is the great turning point, toward the next stage — evolution.


Change is constant. Make yourself change constantly, Caroline urges. Ask, ‘What is my practice? How should I use these truths so they don’t rot in my head?’ When we get stuck, we get sick. In the 1990s we got stuck. We should have evolved to the eco years (solar). In the 1980s all the signals were there. Wires were being put in place by the visionaries, but most people didn’t want to ‘become one.’ It’s not appealing to the global village. The Christian world would not let the Muslin world in. The wiring was morphed into a series of bad wiring. All of the religions are having a collision of their myths. As a result, everything we thought was stable is collapsing, fast. All the systems that we know cannot course-correct any more the way they used to. We’ve integrated ourselves in such a way that certain systems have to be brought down. Things that couldn’t have worked in the old days can work now and it’s the same with healing.

When Caroline wrote Invisible Acts of Power, she taught us that we’re wired to be intuitives and revealed that most suffering comes from acts of self-betrayal. She showed us how profound we are and how intuitive. And how afraid we are of that — how afraid we are of spiritual illumination. Humiliation is our biggest fear and the biggest reason we will sabotage ourselves.

Basically, our problem with healing is that we don’t want to heal. It’s not appealing. Caroline asked participants to consider this question, ‘What do you really want? In your interior vision, deeply and profoundly, what would your answer be? Put within the whole framework of your life, what are you really looking for at this stage? If you had a vision this evening, and God were asking, how would you answer, at what level would you answer? From the level of comfort, learning, safety, service, illness? If illness, then what would you have if your illness was taken away? Your answer may be, ‘I want to be comfortable with truth and not let that scare me, not be afraid of how truth changes my life.’ The fear of truth is the root of poison. Everything about your intuition is about truth. The moment you fear truth is the moment that disease begins to take root. And the moment you take anything personally is the moment your intuition becomes inaccurate, jamming your circuits — your information goes haywire. This is how you are as a solar panel — you pick up everything. We could instantaneously heal, but we can’t handle change at that speed.


When Caroline got into the work of Teresa of Ávila, and John of the Cross, dealing with the dark night of the soul, she saw deeply that this has two levels: active night and passive night which is the soul. She’s watched people go through their healing and their processes, dealing at the level of the ego, identifying causes and events which keep us locked in history, locked in time. What we need to do is get to the level of timelessness. John of the Cross reveals that when in a passive night of the soul, a person encounters the seven deadly sins. Caroline will elaborate on this in tomorrow’s session. These seven deadly sins reveal the why of what we do rather than simply focussing on the what. It is through this exploration that we start healing. You’ve got to get to the core of why you are who you are. So for the rest of the conference we’ll apply this and then we’ll look at the seven jewels or gifts of the holy spirit. That feeling we get that we’re always looking for something special is really spurring us on to unlock the seven jewels in our deepest interior. We know that they’ll reshape our lives, our destiny. And that is the grace that profoundly heals.

– Mattie Porte –

Photographers: Mark Anderson and Peter Vallance

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