The Spirit of Findhorn by Eileen Caddy

For over forty years the Findhorn Community has been a centre of demonstration and education for the spiritual realities that underlie the world of form. In particular Eileen Caddy, through her own spiritual path, has been instrumental in turning people within to seek their own divine essence and inner direction.

Spirit of Findhorn.jpgThe first part of this book provides glimpses into Eileen’s life and a taste of the dramatic spiritual lessons she underwent. The second part presents some of the guidance she received from the God within during the early years of the Community.

When Eileen’s words are read quietly and receptively and, above all, when they are put to the only real test – that of action and practice – you discover to your surprise and perhaps exasperation that you are being invited to begin a new way of living. It is a way of life that not only challenges the materialism and selfishness of the world, but invigorates you with a new zest, as well as a deeper sense of purpose.


The Simplicities of Life

Keep life as simple as possible
and enjoy to the full the simple things all around you,
the simple wonders and beauties
which are there for all to share
but which are so often taken for granted
because they are missed.

Miss nothing.
Be like little children,
able to see and enjoy
those little seemingly insignificant things in life
which really make up the whole of life:
the wonders of nature,
the beauty of a flower, the perfume of a rose,
the song of a bird,
the dew drops sparkling on the grass
in the early morning,
the glory of the sunrise,
the gentle wind whispering in the grass,
the raindrops trickling down a window pane.

How simple
and yet how truly beautiful these things are
when you look at them with eyes that really see
and cease to rush through life
in such a hurry that you fail to notice them!
when you walk through the garden,
do you see My wonders and beauties all around you,
or is your mind so full of the cares and worries of the day
that you are blind and deaf and bowed down,
that you see nothing
for you are so wrapped up in youself and self-concern?

Why not try today
to keep ever aware
of all that is going on around you?
Open your eyes,
keep your feelers out
and really enjoy life.
when you can do this,
it means you are aware of the things that really matter,
you are aware of Me,
for I am in all those little things in life
as well as the big ones.
You are aware of My divine presence in everything
and life can never be dull or mundane
when you are consciously aware of Me
in everything around you.

Cease straining after anything
and simply allow things to unfold;
do not allow worry to bind you and blind you
but learn to cast all you burdens upon Me
so that you are free to do My will and walk in My ways.

I cannot use you when you are tied up with youself
and cannot see the wood for the trees,
so let go,
and do it now.
Be still
and dwell on the wonders of life.
Let your mind be stayed on Me.
Open your eyes,
see Me in everything
and give eternal thanks.

When you can see Me in everything,
your heart is so full you cannot fail to give thanks;
it simply bubbles up in you
and flows over and out.
You cannot hide a heart full of love and gratitude
for it is reflected in your life and living for all to see.
When you are in a state of joy and thanksgiving
you attract others to you;
everyone enjoys being with a soul
who overflows with love,
for love attracts love.

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