The Small Voice Within CDs by Eileen Caddy

2 CDs, running time 2 hours approximately

This double CD is a compilation of four audio tapes recorded by Eileen Caddy over several years in the late 1970s and early ’80s. In them she shared her experience as she learned to listen to the ‘still small voice within’.

CD 1

Be Still

1. Eileen speaks to the universal child within us all, regardless of how old or young we may be. She shares how she discovered in meditation the presence of the God within and learnt to hear the ‘still small voice within’. Eileen followed the guidance she received and learnt to obey the voice implicitly.

Small Voice CDs.jpg2. Eileen then leads a guided meditation to help the novice meditator relax the body, quiet the mind and listen for the ‘still small voice within’.

Faith & the Power of Prayer

3. Eileen shares how important faith and prayer are in our daily lives. She begins by sharing some of the lessons she learned from her own experiences with faith and prayer.

4. She then shares some of the guidance she received that strengthened and supported her own faith during challenging times in her life.

CD 2

The Challenge of Change

5. How do you feel about change? Do you pursue it, flow with it, or resist it? Eileen shares her experience of the process of change in her life and the lessons she learnt from it.

6. She offers suggestions on how to deal constructively with change; following on from there, she leads a guided meditation to help you deal creatively with change in your own life.

Loving Unconditionally

7. How do you love? If you say ‘I will only love you if you love me?’, that is conditional love. Eileen shares her ongoing process of learning to love unconditionally, without restrictions, demands or expectations.

8. She then leads a guided meditation to give you an inner experience of what unconditional love really feels like and how to use it to feel connected and at peace with everyone in your life.

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