Learning to Love by Eileen Caddy & David Earl Platts

(A revised edition of a book previously published under the title Choosing to Love)

Is it possible for us to learn to love? Or do we just have to wait for it to happen?

This book says …

Learning to Love.jpg* We are all born with the capacity to love ourselves and others
* Many of us have built barriers within ourselves because of painful experiences we have had, and we have developed fears, beliefs and behaviour which keep our barriers in place
* The primary lesson in life is to learn to love
* We cannot love others freely and fully until we first love ourselves
* Many of us do not love ourselves because of doubts we have about our own sense of worth
* Learning to love requires an intention to change and a willingness to take action
* Learning to love is learning how to work with our doubts and fears, how to change our beliefs and behaviour and learning how to take down our barriers to love.

This book invites you to make a free and informed choice to bring more love into your life, and then helps you implement your choice in a step-by-step clear and confident way.

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