Earth Changes, Human Destiny by Marko Pogacnik

Earth Changes.jpgMarko Pogacnik’s previous books have brought the reader into an ever closer relationship with the true Spirit of Nature. This latest work tells of currently on-going changes in Earth’s constitution and presents simple exercises by which the reader can adjust her or his vibrations to the changing ones of Earth and Heaven. Our human participation is essential to help Earth through the birth trauma – giving birth to her true self – and to ensure our continued evolution as part of the planetary process.

Marko Pogacnik enlightens his conclusions with a study of the Biblical Revelation of St. John – also known as The Apocalypse. This turns out to be, not a prophecy of the End of Time beloved of doomsayers, but the story of a New Beginning. As always, Pogacnik presents his observations with the precision of a scientist, so that they are measurable and replicable. The changes in Earth’s constitution are beginning to appear on the physical level and this book is necessary reading for all who would keep pace with their effects on their own personal body and emotions. In doing so they will help the larger whole.

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