Touching the Breath of Gaia by Marko Pogacnik

Marko Pogacnik is a frequent visitor to the Findhorn community and is respected for the geomancy work he has done with us both at Cluny and The Park. In his latest book, Marko brings us 59 foundation stones for a peaceful civilisation.

Arguing that what the earth chiefly needs to survive at this time is conscious human cooperation beyond the material realm, Marko Pogacnik in this unique, interactive, spiritual perspective on how to save the planet describes ways to communicate with Gaia herself and become her hands, allowing her to use her vast resources to save all the creatures on her surface, including humans.

storypic335.jpgBecause people have forgotten how to listen and converse with the goddess, Pogacnik theorises that Gaia creates natural catastrophes as a way of trying to attract the attention of humanity. By using the exercises for personal growth, practicing the meditations and studying the illustrations in the book, the reader can learn how to connect to, and converse with, Gaia. This is an invitation to work with our emotions, intuition and feelings rather than our intellect to help put an end to these physical traumas replacing them with joy, companionship and an understanding of the needs of Gaia.

A book for nature lovers, environmentalists and anyone who is concerned for the future of our planet and our very existence here on earth.

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