Reconnecting with Findhorn

I’ve just returned from a Personal Reconnection week at Findhorn, and it was deeply nurturing on all levels. If you have been a Foundation co-worker, and are longing to take some time to return – to Findhorn, to community, to god, to your original impulse – I thoroughly recommend the experience. Let me explain….

After a year of wonderful life changes involving all kinds of ‘new’s’ (new relationship, new state of being called marriage, new country, new house, new language, new work) and a 9-month rolling marriage celebration in several countries… I was a bit depleted, and out of alignment with my centre. I needed some integration time. I was also feeling lonely, missing my community of friends in Findhorn.

Since leaving the Foundation years ago, I have returned frequently to visit, staying with those friends or in B&Bs in The Park. It is lovely, social time – and I looked forward to some of that. But for this trip, the longing was for something different, something that felt deeper – some supported inner work. I imagined into a kind of loosely held, personally designed retreat week. I wrote to S&PD and asked: is what I am imagining possible? And the answer was – thankfully – yes.

Via email, I booked time with S&PD for a beginning, a middle, and an end for my week, and agreed financial costs. We began on Monday with a self-evaluation interview, and an attunement, with insights, setback, and angel. On Wednesday, I had an Art Therapy session with Kathy White. (Art is often my doorway; perhaps for you it is dance, or gardening.) And on Friday, I met again with Monica Boni for a tune-out and review of the week. And in between, I did those deeply nurturing things I had originally done as a guest, and then had somewhere lost: I went to 6:30 a.m. meditation, sang Taize, I wrote in my journal, I painted, I walked to the beach, took afternoon naps. I reflected, and stayed quiet, and had no appointments but those that delightfully presented themselves spontaneously. And in the evenings, I loved reconnecting with friends.

The experience was simply grand. And tender and deep, and brought another layer of learning. I am deeply grateful – to S&PD especially, and to all those who work in service to the spirit of Findhorn. Thank you. With your help, I reconnected to Oneness and its faces: to the silence inside, to creativity, to the Foundation, to my friends, to myself. It’s nice to be back – at home again with myself and now at home with all the ‘new’s’ – especially the new and wonderful husband – over here in Amsterdam.

Margaret McGovern
Findhorn 2008

How to create your own reconnection programme
If you are an ex-member of The Foundation and are inspired to visit Findhorn for a few days or a week or so to nurture yourself, to have your personal retreat and wish to be held in a similar way by the Spiritual and Personal Development Team (S&PD), please contact or or call us on +44 (0) 1309 692129. Agreement of financial costs is through attunement and you’ll need to make your own arrangements for food and accommodation.

We hold a space of welcome for you!

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