Day 2 The Real God – The Real You

Having travelled the world extensively, Neale realised very quickly that we are in the vast minority. There aren’t many people living like we are, he says. Much of the world’s population is living in hunger or oppression. He wants us to understand the urgency he feels in spreading his message to create the kind of life we have. We’ve tried to create systems of government – communism, capitalism, socialism – and nothing’s working. Governments come and go overnight in some parts of the world. The answer is a brand new cultural story that has to be deeply rooted in our cultural experience and integrated into our daily lives. We still wrestle with male versus female, white versus black, heterosexual versus homosexual – what we have decided to call ‘appropriate.’ And yet, we still call ourselves evolved or civilised. While I realise I’m preaching to the choir at this conference, I’m preaching to you because I need some of you to get out of the choir and get behind the pulpit and start talking to people to stop the craziness on the planet – to stop the craziness in your lives.

So began Neale’s ‘Sunday Sermon’ while Em’s poetic eloquence applied the soothing balm…

A Graduate by m. Claire

Lay me down in Love.
Anoint my thoughts in such a way
that the heaven’s supply
of LovebreathIMGA0678.jpg
will almost run out today.

Bless my knees with Love.
Ready them for all those times ahead.
In me, you have found a Love-Soldier
and one more loyal to This cause, than any.

As many ways as there are to Love,
let me know them then.
Let’s pretend, Beloved
that I am already

That’s the point, Neale continued. What if you thought you were already a graduate? What if you thought all the work you had to do on yourself was over? Your life would become markedly altered.

Is there any room on your agenda for something larger, something grander? Those who say yes turn out to be those who change lives. Their first thought in the morning is how can I contribute to the space that goes on beyond my fingers?

At last night’s session, someone asked, ‘If everything is perfect, why bother doing anything?’ When Neale asked God this same question, God said, “Everything we do, we do in order to express and experience and then become the next grandest version of ourselves that we can possibly imagine. Humanity is deciding about itself in every moment and we ARE humanity – we’re part of it. It’s not something way over there, outside of us. So until we see ourselves as part of the process, we’ll have very little reason to change anything. But we are continually evolving. God sees us as pure as a child, just being who we are.

IMGA0690.jpgMost of time, Neale says, he is very pleased with himself – not in an arrogant way – in a way of soft acceptance of what I am and what I have become, but I haven’t stopped trying to improve on perfection. As we evolve, our definition of perfection evolves to include the next grandest version of ourselves. So perfection doesn’t mean we don’t change. It invites in a way that represents the next grandest version of ourselves, that recreates itself anew. It’s pretty clear that in some ways we’ve changed how we interact with one another; in other ways we haven’t changed a bit. The suffragette movement is one example of how we’ve changed. As recently as 1921, women did not have the right to vote. What were we thinking? Yet, the prevailing notion at that time was that women shouldn’t have that right. And we’re still agitating for women to be paid equally to men. Although it hasn’t happened, it’s improved. How many centuries does it take for us to get it?

The reason is: you can’t change that which you condemn. Masters understand this. They neither judge nor condemn. They just suggest and this creates openness to the suggestion of change. Masters see things as perfect.

We need a broader definition of perfection, for example, how can we call the rape of little children perfect, or the holocaust perfect?

All things are created by humanity/God in order to produce a contextual field in which to experience ourselves and decide again – to see what we don’t choose to be in order to choose what we do want to be. As soon as you decide you want to be more patient, you’ll quadruple the opportunities to demonstrate patience. The moment you decide ANYTHING about yourself, everything unlike it must come into the space until the two resolve themselves in the most unique way and then dissolve.

There are apparently whole planets and civilisations in the universe where no negativity exists whatsoever. These sentient beings understand how to create paradise in the present moment. So, where, you might ask, is the contextual field in that paradise? When Neale asked God this, the answer came, ‘When they want to see how good they are, they simply take out a telescope and look at the Earth to see the opposite. So their contextual field is the larger reality of the universe.’

IMGA0681.jpgTaken a step further, all that has to exist is your memory of when it once did exist, in order to cause yourself never to repeat it. For example, when Neale was on a tour in Boston, Massachusetts, he went to visit the holocaust museum – a concrete island of plexiglas monoliths. Inside the maze the energy was unbelievable and there was a sign encouraging the public to touch it because etched upon it were the serial numbers of all those who had been killed – six million serial numbers. The man behind him said, ‘Why don’t they just get off it?’ He missed the point, of course, that the memorials are there lest we forget. They made the experience as visceral as possible to leave an unforgettable impression.

So, memory creates a contextual field within which we decide about ourselves and choose again, but not from a place of condemnation. Even the holocaust was perfect in the sense that it set up a contextual field in which humanity can decide never again to act in this way. If you condemn it, you repeat it. To demonstrate this, Neale pointed to the opposing views of U.S. Presidential candidates Barrack Obama and John McCain on the nature of evil. Both men were asked the same question by Pastor, philanthropist, and author Rick Warren, but interviewed at different times independent of one another. Their answers were astonishingly different.

Warren asked Obama: “Does evil exist, and if it does, do we ignore it, do we negotiate with it, do we contain it, or do we defeat it?”

Obama’s response: “Evil does exist. I mean, we see evil all the time. We see evil in Darfur. We see evil in parents who have viciously abused their children and I think it has to be confronted. It has to be confronted squarely and one of the things that I strongly believe is that, you know, we are not going to, as individuals, be able to erase evil from the world…Now, the one thing that I think is very important for us is to have humility in how we approach the issue of confronting evil, but, you know, a lot of evil has been perpetrated based on the claim that we were trying to confront evil…And I think one thing that’s very important is having some humility in recognizing that, you know, just because we think our intentions are good doesn’t always mean that we’re going to be doing good…”

One hour later, Warren asked McCain the same question about evil and what we should do about it. McCain’s response began this way:

“Defeat it.”

And McCain got the standing ovation. This gives us a glimpse of where humanity is at present.

We don’t condemn the data that causes us to be more perfect, we bless it. All the masters know this.

Where we are right now is that if we don’t wake up, if we don’t get it, if we keep denying that we’re despoiling our environment, we risk becoming extinct as a civilisation. Al Gore, for one, is trying earnestly to wake us up on the climate change issue and still we deny it. How many presentations does he need to give for us to wake up?

Are we ready now to take another path here and now? It starts when you walk out of this conference on Monday – how you live your life, how you create your own reality, how you are with each other. You have the choice. You can wake up or go back to your life of self concern with day to day mundane priorities. It’s about all of us. It starts as a spiritual decision: Who am I? Where am I? Why am I? and What am I doing here? Most people have never asked these questions let alone answered them.


We will become overwhelmed if we think the answer lies in doing-ness. The problem is still the cultural story of humanity. The invitation is to change the belief system of humanity.

Whatever It Was by m. Claire

It is your own life that you desire to cherish
like one brings the downy tuft of a Dandelion to the lips
blows softly
to give everything away
only what remains
of a life well lived
a life well loved
nourished and blessed
by the suns and by the soils
and by whatever it was

Opened You.

This is an extraordinary experience – this thing called life. There is something mystical and magical going on in every moment from the first to the last. Every act is an act of self definition. In every golden moment of now we are in the process of recreating ourselves anew so we can become a full expression of who we really are – that we may experience ourselves as that and revel in it and wonder at the expression of it. Neale doesn’t believe, in his cosmology, that life is a school or that we are being tested. It goes on through multiple lifetimes. His book, Home with God – in his view the most profound of all nine books – talks about life and death and life after death and how it all works. Many times through the lifetime, we can reexperience this lifetime many times. This is why we experience deja vu – until we finally express as a master – make manifest in physical form who we really are, thus to move forward the process of evolution itself. The opportunity is available to all of us wherever we are.

If we choose to change the cultural story, one of the first things we need to realise is that God does not condemn or judge our choices and actions – he only blesses. So, for example, if I consider you part of my family, I invite you in naturally; however, if I hold that you are not part of my family, then I don’t invite you in. There was a time in Neale’s life when he literally lived on the streets begging for food. Some people who passed by kept walking, without giving him the grace of a glance. He experienced that and urges us not to ever do that. Don’t ever pass anyone by based on your judgement of them. If someone holds their hand out to you, always dig into your pocket and share – always. So you see your belief controls everything, including why you are here. Elevate your beliefs and by extension elevate others….that humanity might hold itself in a new way that we are all family even if we’ve never met.

IMGA0688.jpgNeale said he was talking to someone recently who asked a medium about 2012 and why we can’t do it another way. The medium said that it’s through the facing of disaster that humanity realises its unity – its oneness. When you elevate your consciousness you can have that same feeling without having to face disaster. Neale is begging us to do what we can collectively to elevate our consciousness.

We are as children who have learned how to add and subtract and have the arrogance to think that’s all there is. It has been proven that any mathematical problem can be solved with addition and subtraction, but it would take thousands of years; however, with trigonometry it would take 30 seconds.

Neale then returned to the subject of death. Death, he revealed, is a three-part process:

1. We relinquish our identity as a body – we get very clear – I’m not that. It’s a tool/a device with which to serve the agenda.

2. We relinquish our identity as the mind – let go of any idea that we are the mind. You think about your own thoughts and who’s that thinking ‘my’ thoughts and who’s thinking about thinking them because you become clear that something else is thinking…I’m not my thoughts, my mind.

3. We relinquish our identity as a soul – I’m not even my soul. As you move deeper into what we call the death experience and go through the tunnel toward the light, you realise I’m not even that spec moving through the tunnel – I am the light – I’m one with the light, so we even lose our sense of ourselves as that individuated soul. You can have this experience even in life through meditation, for example, reunifying in a moment of incredible bliss. After we merge with the oneness we are again individuated out because to stay there would mean we would lose ourselves. We never stay in that moment of fusion because utter fusion turns into confusion. Pure intelligence calls us back to the all momentarily so we can know and fully understand all of it and realise there is none of it that I am not.

We emerge from the one to know the one. When we reemerge, we are invited by Pure Intelligence to consider a fundamental question which we’ll get to in a moment… We move through each experience of our life not as we experienced it, but as every other person who went through the experience with us experienced us. We will feel what that person felt, not as a punishment but as a learning. By that glorious and blessed process we grow in awareness. You can then go back into life now that you know what you know, right where you left off. If a person stays dead it’s because they decided to stay dead. That explains why when someone has been dead for a few minutes in hospital, for example, they suddenly come back and the doctors think it’s a miracle. The question Pure Intelligence asks us is if we want to go back.

After teabreak, Neale invited questions from the participants….

“How do we help wake up humanity?” the first participant asked. When you decide that you are going to live your life as a demonstration of the highest truth within you, people will start approaching you. They will be in your presence and be magnetised to you. Embrace this message and rather than teaching it, become it so fully that every life you touch will be affected in an extraordinary way.


Another participant asked Neale to elaborate on the concept of surrender as it relates to love. What stops us from loving completely, Neale says, is the fear of loss. If you find yourself holding back, ask yourself that question, What am I afraid of losing? Where did I come upon the idea that I can be damaged in any way? Fear is an announcement that you don’t know who you really are. It is entirely possible to live fearlessly.

Surrender is the act of moving fully into who you really are. Surrender to love is a demonstration of enormous strength. It’s an awareness that life is circular – you can never lose. We’ve all been hurt by love. We’ve embraced a mistaken notion of who we are. It’s difficult to live in surrender because those who are not living that way will feel threatened and make you wrong. It’s very exciting to come to the edge and surrender to love. French poet and critic, Guillaume Apollinaire, captured this concept beautifully….

Come to the edge, Life said.
They said: We are afraid.
Come to the edge, Life said.
They came. It pushed them…
and they flew.

You must fly, Neale urges. ‘What if it doesn’t work out?’ you ask. Then love again, love again, and then love some more.

On day one of the conference, Neale reminded us, he said it is impossible to create anything. By create I mean call forth. We use the word create to describe the process of drawing forth from the field of possibilities and moving into experience. The higher your level of faith, the greater the chances of experiencing the most extraordinary reality. There are three levels through which we travel in consciousness: hope, faith and knowing.

* Hope is the least powerful because it allows for the possibility that it won’t happen.

* Faith is the next most powerful as it connotes a somewhat higher degree of certainty, but it too allows for the possibility that it may not happen.

* Knowing is the highest level. When you know for certain, you are creating most powerfully. You’re merely calling forth from the already existing contextual field the experience you wish to manifest.

It is one thing to know who you really are – that is, an aspect of the divine – it is another to demonstrate that in and with your life. That is the goal and intention of your soul. Your transformation will come about when you become absolutely clear and begin to demonstrate it. You will let go of disappointment, frustration, anger inappropriately expressed, violence, and drama.

You can step into the fullness before you leave this conference. You need nothing from anyone else to be happy.

A Living Place by m. Claire

Sun breaks open in my heart
without moderation.
There is Heaven, here.
But don’t ask me to come Home, just yet –
don’t try to summon all of this Love, Home
for I have only just found

a Living Place.

Somewhere I can put my love.

A grassy knoll, where on my back I lay,
musing at the broad sky, knowing I can light it.

Why, even the stars disappear

in the making of this kind of love.
Oh, there are too many ways to say the same thing…
but this is why God likes to rest at my feet –

to hear
what Love
will say


Every moment of my life allows me to demonstrate that I am God, Neale affirms. 98% of the time I forget my identity. But even 2 or 3% of the time of remembering shifts my life.

The next participant asked Neale to explain another theme in one of his books, that of asking oneself in any given circumstance in life, ‘What would love do now….?’ Neale responded, what would love do now is an invitation to identify myself as an aspect of the divine so that I lose my fear and live fully. Neale confesses that he is a difficult person to live with. I can be stimulating, he says, or I can be annoying, both at the same time. What he asks of his partner when he forgets who he really is and something comes between them, is this…Stop me and ask me to tell you in that moment what I am most afraid of now. When I’m past the fear, I remember and reidentify with who I really am. What would love do now is an invitation to surrender to my true identity.

98% of the population has no idea what they are doing and why. They are operating unconsciously. The role they are playing is unconscious to them.

We are co-creating our collective reality, even the war in Iraq, for example. The American people elected George Bush again and so co-created the continuation of the war. The only way you can live with that is to see everything as perfect, allowing humanity to move forward in its evolution with something to push against.

It’s an enormous first step to take responsibility for all the events in your life. But when you do, all negativity disappears from your life overnight.

On a global basis, if we were ever to evolve into a society that gets this, we’ll be living in paradise.

Children are taught from childhood to repress feelings, such as anger, envy, fear, grief, love. When we get old enough we have our own authority to express those feelings. Externalisation of repressed emotion not expressed can heighten in the following ways:

* Anger repressed turns into rage.
* Envy repressed turns into jealousy.
* Fear repressed turns into panic.
* Grief repressed turns into chronic depression.
* Love repressed turns into possessiveness.

So what can we do to break the cycle and live in paradise? The answers lie in the 4 fundamental questions Neale posed earlier: Who, where, why and what…

Who am I? – I am an individuation of divinity – God.

Where am I? – I am in paradise – it’s all heaven – no place exists outside the kingdom of God, which changes our whole holding of life’s experience.

Why am I? – I am so that the whole I that I am can know itself experientially through me and so that God can recreate itself anew in the ever-expanding next grandest version of itself. I am so that the process of evolution may continue.

What am I doing here? – I’m living in the physical in order to announce and declare, become and fulfill, create and recreate who I really am. Every act is an act of self-definition.

If children were taught these concepts at an age-appropriate level, the world would change in a single generation.

Neale admits it isn’t easy. I can articulate it but wouldn’t it be great if I could live it? I have some help – you are here in my life now to remind me of who I really am, so that when I forget you can give me back to myself and I’m here to do the same for you. And so we do that for each other. We step into each other’s lives at the most important times to say, ‘I know who you are, what your heart yearns for, even when you don’t see yourself that way.’ This is the essence of love – we are here for each other to remind each other. We look across the spaces that seem to divide us and say, ‘I know who you are,’ and on this day we will be in paradise.

Puppies by m. Claire

I am simply dreaming a way
to love Everyone within arm’s reach.
I have help:
you, come toward meIMGA0677.jpg
with an aching in your eyes,
and a sadness leftover in your smiles.
In this new dream I am dreaming for me
I include All of you.
Do you want to know what my love is?
It is your love.
And All of us


curling into

Join us tomorrow for the final day of the conference to explore more deeply who we really are.

Mattie Porte

Photographer: Peter Vallance

Poems by m. Claire
ꤠ07-2008 – All Rights Reserved

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