Celtic Wisdom and Contemporary Living by Phyllida Anam-Aire

phyllidaanamaire.jpg[From the editor: Phyllida Anam-Aire, who trained with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, has extensively worked with sick and dying people. She has lived at Findhorn and holds workshops on ‘Conscious Living, Conscious Dying’ and ‘Celtic Spirituality’, has trained hospice staff in Scotland, Germany and the Netherlands, and has been actively involved in prison work and the peace process in Northern Ireland.]

storypic337.jpgEmbedded in the Celtic life is a deep appreciation of nature and its rhythms, the natural cycles of day and night, the seasons of life and the cloak of death that bring us to new life. Recognising Spirit, the divine soul in everyone and everything, the Celts have a profound understanding of the uniting forces of love and compassion as a path to enlightenment. Sharing stories, meditations and rituals from a Celtic context, Phyllida Anam-Áire helps us reconnect with our hearts and find that inner longing, giving inspiration to our soul. In a world faced with dwindling natural resources and the very real threat of global warming, this is an invitaton to turn to the Celtic culture for its wisdom and insight into a more natural way of living.


“This book is an invaluable companion and guide for all who seek to sink their roots deeply into the earth, to hear the ancestors sing to them, and draw nourishment from the infinite resources of the natural world.”

Sara Arivanna Trevelyan, M.D., psychotherapist and bereavement counsellor, Edinburgh

“Phyllida’s language is that of the soul which deeply moves people in profound ways. Her book contains teachings which in the past have been transmitted in the oral tradition and have been largely forgotten.”

Barbara Faro, M.A.

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