Garden Party at Kinloss Abbey

26 August 2008

A piece of history dating back almost a thousand years is on our doorstep ”

The Findhorn Foundation was approached by the Kinloss Abbey Trust to help carry out work on the Abbey’s historic graveyard as part of their long-term restoration plan.

So, on a very wet and grey day in August, a bunch of enthusiastic Findhorn Foundation and community members popped round to help our neighbours. The task was to clear the ivy and undergrowth from the Abbey ruins. We cut mindfully and with great care, revealing a number of ancient tombs from beneath their ivy duvets.

Kinloss Abbey was founded in 1150 by King David I and was colonised by Cistercian monks. The Abbey has had an interesting and colourful history and for 400 years was extended and modified many times. The reformation of Parliament in 1560 finally saw the end of Kinloss Abbey and the ruins were sold in 1645 to Alexander Brodie of Lethen, who sold the stone in 1650 for the construction of the Citadel in Inverness.

In 1995 conservation work began on the Abbey and on 30 September 2008 the site will officially be opened as a visitor attraction.

It gave us a great sense of community, working not just within our own microcosm, but engaging with and supporting the surrounding local community.

Thanks to all who put themselves forward and to The Kinloss Abbey Trust for inviting us to be part of this exciting project.

Avalon dos Santos

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