Opening Doors Within

It’s over 40 years since Eileen Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation, first received personal guidance from a “still, small voice” inside herself, a source she calls the God within. This perennial diary, read by more than a million people every day, presents a selection of these inspirational and practical messages — simple teachings offered in the hope that they will help others find faith, fulfillment and inner peace.

Sample meditation
storypic350.jpgGive constant thanks for everything. There is much to be grateful for; open you eyes, look around, and see how blessed you are. As you do so. you will find youself filled with an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude, and the whole of life and living will take on a new meaning. the people around you will mean more to you because your heart is filled with love for them, and you have a deeper understanding and tolerance towards them. You will find youself grateful for them, for their love and companionship, for just being themselves. Your eyes will be open to all the beauty and harmony around you, to the wonders of nature. You will see with eyes that really see; you will hear with ears that really hear; and you will speak with words of love and understanding. Life will be good for you because you are taking nothing for granted, but are appreciative of everything and can see My hand in everything.

Many years ago I was invited to a conference in London at which Eileen was presenting. The speaker before her was a powerhouse of activity, urging everyone to take action. The hall was buzzing and I wondered how anyone could follow such a passionately electric speech.

Eileen stepped up to the podium and said quietly. “My guidance to you is to go within,” You could hear a pin drop. It was as if angels of peace had entered and enfolded everyone as she held the audience in her hand.

A few years ago I was privileged to have tea with her. She told me that her guidance was to attend the important community meetings. She was not to say anything — she was simply to hold the vision of the Findhorn community. What a reminder of the power of holding an intent with clarity.

Eileen has long been one of my heroines.

I am humbled to remember how she channeled night after night in difficult conditions despite her own fears and personal problems and I find her devotion and dedication totally inspiring. She was the catalyst for the great community of Findhorn — an awesome achievement for one lifetime.

When I received the message to say that she had passed on I was with some teachers from my school. We immediately lit a candle to tune in and offer prayers. The light and glorious sense of angels with her was overwhelming. She had an extraordinary life and has left a legacy which will enrich us all.

Thank you Eileen.

Diana Cooper

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