Climate Leadership Programme – Building Partnerships

20 June 2008

During May I was privileged to represent the Foundation at the Climate Leadership Programme in Cambridge, UK. This was the second time this intensive 3 1/2 day course, a partnership between University of Cambridge Programme For Industry, The Climate Group and Duke University, has been offered to the public and private sectors, with NGOs offered bursaried places.

40 Delegates represented a wide range of voices: from big companies such as BP, Shell, British Telecom, British Airways, Lloyds TSB Bank, Royal Mail, Sainsbury’s and John Lewis, to the Environment Agency, the National Audit Office, the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and local councils, to Greenpeace, Eden Project, Oxfam and the Findhorn Foundation.


After a visit to the British Antarctic Survey where delegates were given the latest statistics on climate change, the group was led through presentations and discussions on Climate Change, a Future Source of Conflict; Infrastructure and Transformational Change; Scenarios and Their Consequences; Climate Change Challenges, Opportunities and Changing Behaviours; and Economic Imperatives and Business Urgency.

While we are all aware of daily examples of greenwash’ from businesses, it was heartening to hear that many companies have actually woken up to the urgent need for change and are already acting to transition to a low carbon world.

It was even more inspiring to hear the call for global collaboration to do this and that the Global Commons Institute’s proposal of Contraction and Convergence for equitable development worldwide is understood and supported. (for more information visit

There is a lot to be done and I encourage you to watch Al Gore’s latest video at It is inspiring and galvanising to hear him speak of “planetary emergency”, “generational mission” and of the need for “a higher level of consciousness”.

At Findhorn we continue to build on the huge wave of enthusiasm and responsiveness felt after the Positive Energy Conference held here at Easter, reducing our own carbon footprint, and raising awareness wherever we can that climate change is a wonderful invitation for personal empowerment and global cooperation.

The Foundation’s role is clear: to support people everywhere to unfold to a higher level of consciousness, and to act from that place of knowing that all life is interconnected; to be the heart and soul of the global transition to a low carbon world; and to actively support interrelationship with communities, with individuals, with governments and with business.

There are exciting times ahead!
Yvonne Cuneo

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