Day 1 – Opening Ceremony

Positive Energy conference hosts, Margot Henderson and Jonathan Dawson, welcomed a diverse group of participants from many different parts of the world to the Universal Hall this afternoon for what promises to be a thought-provoking, inspiring and transformative experience. This week-long conference has been in the making for 15 months, bringing together some of the world’s leading thinkers, activists and practitioners to explore creative community responses to peak oil and climate change. And what better place to do so than right here in the heart of the Findhorn community itself.


Margot Henderson acknowledged that even those of us who live here have come a long way to get here right now. “All of our paths have brought us to this moment in time together,” she observed. “In the course of this week, we’ll share our hopes and our fears, our dreams and our visions, our thoughts and ideas.

“We know we have to take steps. We know that we’re facing a future that we cannot know. Some people here have some glimpses of that possible future, but right now we are staring the mystery in the face.

“We are calling for a great turning. A monumental moment of grace.

“We know that we have to take steps and we know that we have to take them together. We know that whatever steps we take, we walk in the footsteps of our ancestors, so may they walk with us. We know that whatever steps we take will impact every living being. And we know that wherever those steps lead, they will leave an imprint for those who come after us.

“We really want to take the right steps so that there will be many who will come after us.

“So, we’re going to take some steps together — the steps of a great turning — the steps of a spiral dance; some say the oldest steps known to humans since they got off the earth and learned to stand. We’re going to take those steps together in a great round of being. This dance is an invitation — let it be a meditation — an invocation for a graceful transition, so that from that very first moment when you come to stand from sitting, let that be a moment of awareness of everyone present, including those unseen.

“So we’ll take those steps together and it will be partly a journey to deepen our intent for being here and partly a blessing of the elements.”


It was extraordinary to observe the elegance in the ordinary as each participant silently and gracefully took his or her place in the ancient spiral dance, coming effortlessly into a collective rhythm, moving as one organism to the primitive sounds of the didgeridoo played by community elder, Craig Gibsone, accompanied by long-time community member, Rory O’Connell on the pipes.

Margot invited participants to step out of their shoes and stand behind them, a little closer to each other, a little closer to the earth, a little closer to our creature selves. She then invited participants to go within, to consider the question, “What am I standing for? As we stand here together, what am I standing for at this time upon the earth?” She then asked participants to speak aloud their name and what they were standing for as an intention. Responses included:

love, healing, the youth, the beautiful earth, the sky, forests past and future, compassion, the future ones, becoming present, wellbeing, mother earth, active awareness, trust, equality, truth, environmental justice, children of the future, abundance, life, consciousness, change, birds, courageous openness, what was and what’s to come, understanding, wildlife, interconnectedness, sustainability, the planet, peace, unity, spirit, co-creativity, voices who speak for the silent, playfullness, connection, co-operation, fun, transparency, community, honesty, positivity, the sacred, harmony, remembrance, light, experience, me and us, freedom

When all had spoken, Margot, affirmed, “Whatever the future holds, we have stood for something.”

What are you standing for, dear reader?


Join us this evening as we deepen the focus and get to know one another a little better.

– Mattie Porte –

Photographers: Sverre Koxvold and Peter Vallance

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