Child’s Life in the Ecovillage

7 July 2007

Sustainable living is the topic on a BBC Newsround programme made specifically for children. Our local Highlands and Islands Enterprise company has organised a debate to run in local secondary schools to raise awareness at an early age of how a sustainable economy and lifestyle is relevant to us all. The programme was made to support the efforts of HIE to get the sustainable message out.

kidtree.jpgTo set the subject in context, the programme features children from the Findhorn Ecovillage who were interviewed about their experiences of growing up in a sustainable community. What’s it like to live here? What advice would you give other children?

Local children Isla Mark-Coates (11), Clancy Fahey (11) and Hector Start (10) were brave and eloquent as they faced the camera and described why living in the Findhorn Ecovillage has affected their lives in a positive way. They were happy to share their experiences with their parents, the interviewer and children across the UK.

The Newsround programme was broadcast on Thursday 5 July at 5.25pm on BBC2.

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