Introducing…Park Maintenance

I did want to start off our new Park Maintenance Blog with an introduction to you of our team, so you could meet the great group of guys that maintain the Findhorn Foundation here at The Park. But half the guys are out focalising Transformation Games and retreating to Erraid for a much deserved rest. So, it’s just Paul and I holding the fort this week and we’re going to have to wait for the others to get back so that you can meet us all at once. Perhaps I should introduce myself, though. Hi, I’m Michael. Good, now that’s done, I am going to introduce you to the Department.

Park Maintenance is the greatest department in the Findhorn Foundation, which is the best place on Earth. There, I’ve said it. Now, I’m not telling you this because I believe you should think it’s true, I just want to let you know what sort of bias I’m coming from.

Maintenance has a long and (mostly) distinguished history. I always enjoy listening to Angus’s stories of his focalising in the 70’s, back when they had 30 people in the department. These days we have 4. What happened to the other 26? No one knows, but there are stories of people getting lost in the dunes and being guided home by the ghostly sounds of hammers and power drills. When my father focalised the department it was located in the basement of the unifinished Universal Hall. Now we have a courtyard surrounded by storage sheds next to a purpose built woodshop full of incredible toys, umm.., I mean full of our treasured woodworking tools that are all used very responsibly and with great attention to health and safety.

Anyway, many things have changed, but one thing has always stayed the same, we are still the first line of defense against the inevitable entropy always threatening to engulf this Centre of Light by leaking through our roofs, by blowing through broken windows, by rotting the very fabric of our homes. Whenever you hear the plaintive cry of a guest lost in the dark of the night with no heating, no hot water and no electricity, you will find a Maintenance Hero on hand to save the day, unless we’re attuning, of course.

We do have our work cut out for us. As I’m writing this I’m looking over a joblist with over 140 jobs to do, ranging from ‘demolish caravan’ to ‘change lightbulb’. We get about 20 new jobs a week and we can do just about that many, but the joblist has about 20 more jobs on it than it did this time last year. Added to this, Terry, the great Patriarch of Central Maintenance (our 3rd maintenance department) is retiring this year, and we are going to absorb part of his role, which means… more jobs. So we have a big year ahead of us, and I’m really glad you are all going to be along for the ride, following all our challenges and victories (touch wood). It’s good to know we’re not doing this alone, just you reading this right now and sending us a blessing for our work is of great worth. Perhaps you could send us some technical tips, too. More knowledge is always good.

So welcome to Park Maintenance! I hope you enjoy being a part of our virtual team, I think this is going to be a lot of fun.

Speaking of fun, here are some pictures from a recent group project we held for the American Findhorn College Semester students. We had some caravans that needed tearing apart, and they had some enthusiastic young men and women looking for a good time, it was the perfect match. We started off the day with a traditional Maintenance Salsa Attunement led by Salsa Maestro Martin, and then proceeded to get stuck in. I think my favourite bit was when Keith asked one of the students to knock down an interior wall, which he then very effectively accomplished by promptly throwing himself through said wall. An interesting lesson in the ephemeral nature of caravans, but seriously, use a sledgehammer next time.

Lots of Love,


Job 141 Demolish Caravan

Before demolition

Step this way.jpg
Step this way….but enter at your own risk….

She's going, going.jpg
She’s going, going….


Salsa Maestro Martin (left) puts down his coffee to lead students in celebratory salsa!

If you’d like to join in the work department, visit:

Photographs Mattie Porte

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