This past November the Foundation ran successive weeks of Planetary Games of Transformation, initially for guests and then for members. Both were ‘upgrades’ of the familiar, though usually more intimate, versions of the Game and they were distinctly festive occasions (kinda like community theatre, complete with costumes and assorted paraphenalia). Drawing upon the wisdom and skills of a whole angelic host of game guides from near and far, including Joy Drake (its original point of inspiration), Kathy Tyler, John Talbott, Joshua Nicolosi, Mary Inglis, Liza Hollingshead, Gay Smith and Jill Wolcott (representing a total of nearly 300 years of combined Game experience!), both events featured significant highlights. In the first one, a player landed on the ‘World Work’ card space and drew the ‘Angel of Awakening’ to assist her. She then led the whole group in a meditation that visualised Americans ‘awakening’ on the following Election Day. And lo and behold, UK news reports the next day described the election results in terms of “Americans awakening to reject the policies of the current administration, especially in Iraq”! Powerful stuff these games! And timely reminders of the role of group invocation.

In the second week’s Community Game, I was a player who landed on a ‘Synergy’ space that advanced me and other players 25 places. This in turn put me (on behalf of the Global Outreach & Communication group) onto a ‘Miracle’ square. I identified my miracle as a ‘global treaty on climate change signed this year by world leaders’, and led a meditation in which we visualised this happening, together with the community here modelling ‘carbon neutrality’ to the best of our ability. To date, the community is already taking a series of steps towards the latter goal, and there are indications that the global treaty is at least in prospect at the moment.

Earlier this year, BBC News reported (16/2/07) from Washington, DC that legislators from the G8 countries plus Brazil, China, India, South Africa, Mexico agreed consensually, even if informally, to the following:

1. ALL countries must establish targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

2. These G8 plus 5 countries will sign a post-Kyoto agreement by 2009.

3. They will work for agreement on an upper limit of CO2 emissions between 450 & 550 parts per million (equivalent to temperature increases of no more than 2 or 3 degrees C). The terms of this agreement will be forwarded to the G8 in June where it may actually be signed by ‘world leaders’ (at least by everyone but Bush). It sets forth the parameters of a Global Treaty on Climate Change and is the fruit of a determined ‘round the clock’ negotiating effort by the British government at this event.

I’m a believer in giving credit where credit is due. This is a bona fide good news story. I hope you will join me in ‘holding the vision’, and taking action where and as appropriate towards its realisation. Our common future depends on it.

And while I’m on this subject, I find it encouraging that Britain is making DVD’s of Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ available to every school in the country, asking that it be included in a Climate Change & Sustainability section of the national curriculum! The Labour Party here is likewise promising climate change legislation this year, though how tough or comprehensive it will be remains to be seen. But there are definite signs of ‘awakening’ on this issue virtually everywhere, including the USA! For our part, we’re going to ‘keep the faith’.

Roger Doudna
May 2007

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