For a Sustainable Future in Moray

Our local Moray Council has just published a 36-page environmental strategy document, with its launch here at the Findhorn Foundation. The Foundation has been an active partner for the Council in producing the strategy.

The document sets out a range of measures to raise awareness towards reducing the ecological footprint in our local area.

The Foundation announced last week that we have the lowest recorded ecofootprint of any community in the industrialised world, so The Park was the perfect setting for Moray Council to launch this important document.

Included in its aims are:

– encouraging more people to make use of community recycling facilities
– promoting more cycling and walking opportunities and improving access to public transport
– encouraging agencies and community groups to work together to ensure good air quality and improve the environment
– supporting joint projects to conserve and enhance natural habitats, important species and areas of landscape value
– encourage the use of renewable energy in housing

Michael Shaw, chairman of trustees for the Findhorn Foundation, said: “The Findhorn Foundation would like to congratulate Moray Council and the Moray Environmental Forum for all the work involved in launching the environmental strategy.

“This is an innovative and comprehensive undertaking that will result in an improved environment for all in Moray. The Foundation looks forward to contributing to the implementation of the strategy.”

And May East, chief executive officer of CIFAL Findhorn, a UN training organisation for environmental sustainability, said: “I am impressed to see how far attitudes to the environment locally have shifted over the last decade.

“We are expecting explosive worldwide growth in sustainability experimentation in the next few years. Many of these experiments will involve new technology, but an even greater number will involve new forms of strategic thinking and radically new monitoring systems.”

We are very happy to play a role in helping our local area to create this strategy for positive and sustainable development, and look forward to continued partnership endeavours in the future.

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