Findhorn Foundation and Climate Change

With climate change being the hot topic in mainstream discussion at present, it was only fitting that Findhorn Foundation co-workers spent a day and a half of our annual internal conference in January 2007 in addressing this issue and exploring how to create a carbon neutral strategy by 2012.

Work has already been done towards calculating the Foundation’s carbon footprint so that a robust carbon management strategy can begin. In the meantime Foundation work departments have come up with practical ways to be even more responsible with energy usage.

In parallel with this practical response to climate change, was an afternoon spent working with the challenge of the polarities of empowerment and despair inherent in this deeply ecological issue. This gave individuals the opportunity to express such emotions as pain, anger, acceptance and sadness for the present state of the planet and proved to be a healthy and inspiring way to acknowledge the complexity of feelings and move forward.

After watching George Monbiot’s controversial talk, Heat, a lively discussion ensued on the air miles inherent in an international community which hosts international guests. We know that bringing people together from all over the world to learn together is a powerful tool for peace and the Foundation continues to explore ways to maximise the positive effect of our education programmes while minimising our ecological footprint.

David Spangler, long-time friend of the community, has a useful perspective on climate change and all other planetary emergencies: “To reject fear and to respond with inspiration, strength, hope, and imagination . . . the work remains in essence what it has always been; to love, to connect, to serve, to care, and to stand for and create wholeness in every way we can.”

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