40 Years of Resurgence

On Saturday 16 September three Findhorn Foundation co-workers were excited to attend and host a stall at the Emergence and Convergence event in Oxford, England celebrating 40 years of Resurgence magazine and of the rich diversity of the environmental movement. Satish Kumar, editor of Resurgence for 30 years, called for a future built on creativity, imagination, art, music and an appreciation of the Earth’s beauty.

The day, attended by 600 people with presenters including Deepak Chopra, Jonathon Porritt, Caroline Lucas, David Whyte and Anita Roddick, was also celebrating the resurgence of green politics in UK, knowing that what is at the heart of the green movement cannot be accommodated by the present political and economic system and hoping that after years of “indifference, ignorance and inertia” this time, things will truly move forward.

There was a call for a bolder, more visible stand by the green movement to end the exponential industrial growth which has created the environmental crisis the world faces and which we do not have the luxury of another 40 years to change. This stand needs to communicate to all people the positive vision of the world we want, a sustainable world of joy and peace and true wellbeing.

Many people came to talk to us at our stall and are keen to come to Scotland to participate in Experience Week, an often life-changing programme which introduces how this positive vision and true wellbeing can begin on the inside for each of us and transform our relationships with each other and the planet.

It was affirming to hear Deepak Chopra voicing a similar message to that which we hold dear to our hearts at Findhorn. Deepak pointed out that the word ‘environment’ is an alienating word as it separates us from the world of nature of which we are part. If we understand who we really are, part of the interbeingness of life, it is impossible for us to hurt the planet.

It was wonderful to know that as I was listening to these inspiring truths in Oxford, Dorothy Maclean, one of the community’s founders, was beginning a week of Connecting with the Intelligence of Nature at Findhorn, helping people put into practice a new consciousness which recognises humanity’s ability to co-create with the rest of the natural world.

– Yvonne Cuneo

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