New Angels Join the Pack

Fresh onto the scene recently have come 20 new Angel Cards! Many of you will be familiar with the Angel(tm) Cards, which have inspired and delighted millions over the last 25 years. This year is the 25th Silver Anniversary of the cards and to celebrate this, InnerLinks has launched a new expanded edition of the original Angel Card deck.

The Angel cards were originally designed by Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler as part of The Transformation Game(tm) while they were living at the Findhorn Foundation. The qualities selected for the original deck were those that worked best in the context of The Transformation Game to support players’ spiritual journeys. After exploring many different qualities as possible Angel Cards, Joy and Kathy came to the original 52 after much attunement and monitoring test games for several months.

The purpose of the Angel Cards in the Game is to bring spirit into our everyday lives and to help us find ways to stay in touch with our inner selves. They deepen our exploration and understanding of our beliefs. The Angel Cards provide insightful input into our thought patterns and can bring graceful change by providing fresh perspectives.

So popular were the Angel cards in the Transformation Game that those early workshop participants clamoured to have them. In response to this, the first card sets were produced independently of the Game and offered for sale in 1981. They were initially printed at the Findhorn Press, hand cut, and collated by their creators and bands of helpers from among the community and guests. Soon the cards became a sideline cottage industry. The Angel Cards rapidly became a part of the Findhorn Foundation Community and its programmes, complementing the education process and personal development of the members and many guests.

Soon thereafter, while in the USA offering Transformation Game workshops, Joy and Kathy met the folks at Narada Productions, Inc in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That was the beginning of a lasting relationship. Narada began to produce and distribute the Angel cards. Currently the Angel Cards have been translated into Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Over 1,300,000 card sets have sold worldwide.

Joy and Kathy say today: “We had no idea that these tiny cards would touch the hearts of so many people, cross several oceans, and span a wide diversity of world views, religious beliefs, and spiritual practices.”

In fact, the publication of those first Angel decks in 1981 gave birth to a whole new genre of angel divination decks, and today there are a wide range of angel decks on the market.

The new Silver Anniversary expanded edition of the Angel Cards includes 20 new cards, bringing the total to 72 qualities. In deciding what new cards to include in the new Angel deck, Joy and Kathy reflected on all that they have explored, gathered and learned on their journeys in the last 25 years. “As the scope of our work has expanded, youthful gusto has (hopefully) evolved into a more mature passion for life. We chose qualities that drew out our best, encouraged engagement with the forces of creativity and friendship, and helped deepen a commitment to the ‘planetary game’ in which we are all participants.”

This year — 2006 — is in fact a double anniversary year. Not only is it the 25th anniversary of the Angel Cards, but it is also the 30th anniversary of the Game of Transformation from which the original Angel Cards came.

And to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Game of Transformation, two special Planetary Game events will be held here at the Findhorn Foundation in November. One is a brochure programme for guests to participate in, the other is for resident members of the Findhorn Foundation Community.

The Planetary Game is a large-scale version of the Game of Transformation. It is offered here only every 4 or 5 years. Joy Drake and Kathy Tyler will be coming from the States to join Mary Inglis and an 18-strong team in guiding these two week-long events for up to 120 people.

Angel(tm) Cards ©1981 Drake and Tyler. Use by permission.

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