New Cafe Serves Slow Food

Last night the community’s newest enterprise, the Bakehouse cafe and restaurant, hosted a convivial gathering to help launch Slow Food UK – a new branch of the international organisation working to promote local food grown by local people. Slow Food is a network of producers and co-producers (not called consumers) from 130 countries who believe that the food we eat should taste good, be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment, and that producers should receive fair remuneration for their work.

Invited to enjoy an evening of an amazing variety of Scottish dishes prepared slowly and lovingly in the Bakehouse kitchen, were local food producers and others who have supported the opening of the new cafe, which prides itself on serving the best local and organic food. The cafe serves freshly baked goods produced by the Phoenix Bakery next door.

Pam and Nick Rodway, who make delicious organic cheeses and dairy products at Wester Lawrenceton Farm, a few miles from Findhorn, told the gathering about their passion for Slow Food.

Pam said, “At the Terra Madre meeting of slow food producers and co-producers in 2004 there were people from all over the world whose lives have been changed for the better by producing the food that they and their neighbours eat, and doing it in a way that preserves the traditions and biodiversity of the areas where they live.

“Instead of all of us eating the same food, mass produced and brought in from halfway around the world, we can celebrate our differences. I can honour that someone’s native food may be to eat beetles and I can help them carry on doing that even though I may not choose to eat them myself.

“Slow Food is more than just about food, it is about people, our choices and how these affect the rest of the world. The past and the future depend on the choices we make today. It is a positive movement, not a reaction against something. It helps people sustain themselves in a way that is healthy for us all.”

Other organic food producers sampling the best of Scottish at the Bakehouse included the fruit and vegetable growers from our local box scheme EarthShare, the focaliser of Cullerne Gardens, Conscious Kitchen caterers who prepare organic wholefood meals for all occasions, and local organic meat producers.

The atmosphere at the new Bakehouse is hard to describe – it is a wonderful experience to enjoy good food, lovingly prepared and served in a healthy, eco-friendly environment. Slow food is good food!

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