Listening to the Land Part 2

A very exciting workshop began at the Findhorn Foundation and community yesterday. This is the second stage of Listening to the Land, a process designed to find the right future for a 15 acre piece of land of at the top of the runway, presently part of Duneland Ltd, a company formed in 1997 to purchase 380 acres of land from The Park to the Moray Firth, largely for conservation purposes.

There are 25 participants in the workshop, initially led by Margaret Colquhoun of Life Sciences Trust. Each evening the group is reporting back to all interested people in the Universal Hall so that the whole community can be involved.

The plan for these three days is perfectly in keeping with this community that began with the impulses of listening to the voice within and communicating and cocreating with the intelligence of nature.

Firstly, the group of 25 will listen to what the land is saying by touring the area and its immediate surroundings with hearts engaged to feel into the energy in 12 different sections of the 15 acres, called ‘landscape rooms’ for this exercise. This also involves being aware of the flow of time that resides in the land and how its past development interacts with the present. The results of this will then be recorded.

Then, the group will listen to what the people of the area are saying they would like from the land. This input has been invited from everyone over the last few weeks and last night after a meditation, all those present at the open meeting wrote down and handed in their wishes and hopes for the land. Looking at these wishes brings the aspect of future to the process.

The final step will be to take the findings from listening to the land and its past with the findings from listening to the people’s wishes for the future, and meditate on this with an intention for an outcome of consensus and balance to ground this process now.

Bill Henderson, local resident and Duneland board member, commented on the “beautiful synchronicity” that Dorothy Maclean, one of the founders of this community in 1962 and the person who still very much embodies the ‘cocreation with the intelligence of nature’ impulse, is at present giving a workshop at the Foundation and is therefore able to be part of this process.

The sensitivity and time given to this project is strong evidence that the founding values of the Findhorn Foundation and community are alive and well in the 21st century.

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