Dorothy Maclean – Findhorn Founder Returns

It was with great pleasure that the Findhorn Foundation and community welcomed back Dorothy Maclean for a few weeks recently. Dorothy was the person who first connected with the intelligence of nature at Findhorn in 1963 so it was wonderfully fitting that she returned to lead a workshop, Connecting With God and Nature, in the very place where it all began.

To walk around The Park today in its spring abundance of blossom and bud is to witness what co-creation with nature can accomplish and Dorothy must appreciate this more than anyone, having seen the transformation of this area from desolate, windswept sand to a rich and verdant landscape.

The highlight of Dorothy’s visit for many was the talk she gave to the community in the Universal Hall, filled to capacity, on 19th April. Dorothy’s main point is that we can all connect with our inner divinity and consciously contact the intelligence of nature, the same living intelligence that is behind all life, which can also be called God. In this way we can not only attune to our own wholeness but play a part in making all life ‘one’ again.

Dorothy also reminded us that if we are to continue the founding impulse of true co-creation with nature at Findhorn we must keep open a connection with nature through which spiritual force can pass into the human, creating a ‘Gaia consciousness’, uniting the power of both humanity and nature.

At 86 Dorothy is a great example of unstinting joy, enthusiasm and service. She has spent time in South America, Australia, Thailand, Europe and the UK in recent years and is still keen to travel all over the world to support others to make their own unique connection with nature.

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