Delight at UN – CIFAL Announcement!

This weekend brought the amazing news that Findhorn will now become the 12th United Nations CIFAL training centre in the world, and the first in the UK.

May East, along with our local Member of Parliament Angus Robertson, and the Vice-Convener of Moray Council Alasdair Urquhart, travelled to Geneva to finalise the details. Speaking at the annual CIFAL Network Conference the UN Under-Secretary General, Marcel Boisard, expressed his “deep thanks and gratitude” to the local team at Findhorn and in Moray who made the proposal for a Scottish training centre.

The community are so proud that the work we are doing in education for sustainability is blossoming in this way. Designation as a CIFAL centre means that urban planners and local government officials from all over the world will come to the ecovillage campus at Findhorn to learn about sustainable development in all its many facets. The richness of our 40 years’ community experience has found a new expression in the world and we are grateful for the untiring efforts of former trustee May East in bringing this vision into reality.

The announcement also means that the ecovillage at Findhorn will move ahead and expand to create new guest facilities – a beautiful and inspirational learning centre and further ecological accommodation for visitors here in The Park. The Findhorn Foundation and community will continue to work with our local and national partners to develop CIFAL Findhorn in the coming months, to deliver the best of Findhorn and the best of what Moray has to offer.

An opening ceremony is planned for later in the year, so in the mean time, please send your good thoughts and prayers and join with us in blessing this initiative, to launch it with the best of intentions for a positive and deeply sustainable future for humanity and the planet.

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