Improving Our Brochure

I have great pleasure in announcing that May Lockwood of Wells, England has won the opportunity to take part in either Exploring Community Life or Spiritual Practice at the Findhorn Foundation during the next year. May was one of 175 people who completed and returned a questionnaire sent out in February to gather information about the effectiveness of our brochure. When contacted today May said she was excited to hear this news especially as when she visited two years ago she thought that would be her last time. When I telephoned, May was listening to a tape by Pema Chodron who had just said that it is the inner things that are important and that statement, May said, “was hanging in the ether” as she answered the phone. We wish her an enjoyable and fruitful time at Findhorn, sometime in the coming year.

The survey was sent to 800 people who received our May to October 2006 brochure both in the UK and all over the world – 400 of these people had previously attended programmes here and 400 had requested the brochure but had not yet attended a programme.

It was heartening that so many people completed and returned the questionnaire and my team gathered a lot of useful information that will help us communicate with everyone more clearly in the future.

But the unexpected delight in this process was the wonderful connection I felt with the questionnaire recipients who responded. I send a heartfelt thank you to all those people who took the time to complete the form and put a stamp on the envelope. An extra note of gratitude to those who took time to write thoughtful and useful extra comments and suggestions and to those who sent best wishes of support to all of us here at the Foundation.

I was especially touched by the many powerful and tender personal notes added to the questionnaire responses, sharing the joys and challenges of life all over the globe. It is uplifting to see what began as an information gathering exercise turn into an opportunity for loving human connection. Thank you again to all who took part this time.

Yvonne Cuneo

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