The natural way

The NFA Community Association met on Monday evening and the topic for the night was an exploration of the community’s relationship with nature. As we take our next steps in developing The Park, moving towards founder Eileen Caddy’s guidance that saw the community at Findhorn becoming a village and then a city of light, it’s timely to stop and assess how our connection with nature is engaging with our decision-making processes.

The ecovillage at Findhorn is one clear and tangible way we express our relationship with nature. This meeting focused on some of the subtle and subjective expressions of that relationship. Dorothy Maclean, a community founder who has direct contact with the intelligence of nature, had sent a letter of encouragement as we enter into this next phase of developing and redeveloping areas around The Park in harmony with nature.

The evening was a fishbowl-style discussion, where a small group of people talk about the topic in an inner circle, while the rest of us listen. As the conversation moves on, people leave the inner circle and new people take their place, joining in the discussion.

We were delighted to have present Brian Nobbs, our resident potter, who has had direct experience of nature beings. In the 1960s Brian spent time with Peter Caddy and R Ogilvie Crombie or ROC, as most people here refer to him, who for many years had contact with nature beings at Findhorn and in Edinburgh. Present also was community elder Frances Ripley, who spoke passionately about how to be in relationship with nature, saying that it is our heart connection with nature that creates and maintains the relationship.

The discussion was thoughtful and respectful of both nature and of humans as a part of nature, with time also given to understanding our relationship with the many wonderful trees that were specially planted around The Park to ‘anchor’ energies here. Some trees that were planted 40 years ago have needed to be removed for the health of other trees and humans, and new trees need to be planted to continue their work.

Looking back over the evening, the abiding sense is one of encouraging each other to open to the power and intelligence of nature and fully receive its gifts. We can experience our connection whether it be through meditation, contacting nature beings, observation, or just being in and enjoying nature. Doing this allows the wholeness of who we are as human beings to emerge, and the best possible environment for ourselves and all living beings to be created.

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