In land we trust

Will there be more developments at The Park Ecovillage like the Field of Dreams (above)? Or are there new ways and structures that will help the community to work in harmony with the land even more? On Monday night the community gathered to discuss the possibility of creating a Community Land Trust, as a way forward to hold land on behalf of the whole community.

With the Field of Dreams now approaching completion, a small piece of land designated by Duneland Ltd will be the next area to serve mainly for new housing. For many people at The Park sustainable housing is a very pressing question, as old caravans are not good for environmental health or for people’s health either – they require so much energy to heat and they are damp and drafty places to live.

Creating a Land Trust may help to make housing affordable for more people in the community and ensure that the land here continues in the community’s care. Systems could be put into place that will ensure the whole community benefits from any sale of houses and land in the future, creating a positive cycle of sustainability for all. It would also provide a structure to hold certain amenity land in trust for the common good.

If, along with a Land Trust we also create a community-wide development company, then all of The Park ecovillage could be developed and looked after as a whole.

As we continue to move towards being a fully village-scale centre for spiritual, social, ecological and economic sustainabilty, this exploration into a Community Land Trust is joyfully welcomed.

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