New Year, New Angel

Eileen Caddy joined the community’s solstice meditation in the Hall, and in a hushed and peaceful atmosphere, she chose a new angel quality to guide the community for next year. We released the angel of SPONTANEITY, which had guided us throughout this year, with gratitude, as Eileen chose a new quality for us. This is what she has to say:

“At the solstice meditation I picked the Angel of OBEDIENCE for the community for this coming year.

“For me OBEDIENCE means deep listening, consistency and dedication to the still small voice within. And that is what I have tried to do for many many years – to be still, go within, act and live obediently to the God-centred voice.

“I was reminded of this guidance from Opening Doors Within:

Seek ye first the kingdom, put Me first in everything and then all else shall be added unto you. You know these words, but what are you doing about them? Are you living them? Do the ways of the Spirit come first in your life? Does your time alone with Me mean more to you than anything? Do you enjoy being still, or are you uncomfortable and uneasy in the stillness? Do you always want to be busy doing things and find great difficulty in stilling your body and mind?

There are millions of souls in the world who cannot bear to have silence. They have to have constant noise and action around them. They are the ones who do not know the meaning of seeking first My kingdom and of putting Me first in their lives. They are restless within and without. I tell you, the times of peace and stillness when we are together are very precious in a world of turmoil. Seek them, find them and remain in them.
“I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to BE surrounded by caring family, friends and community.

“God’s blessing and my love to each and everyone of you.”


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