Conference for Scottish Educators

Findhorn Foundation management team focaliser, Mari Hollander, was invited to present two workshop sessions at a recent education conference entitled Leading the Way on Positive Education, organised by the Edinburgh Interfaith Association. The Dalai Lama was present at the conference, joining in the exchange of ideas.

Under the heading of Soul in Education, Mari was also part of a panel discussion in front of the full group of around 250 Scottish educators and others. She conveyed to the conference the ‘core-heart’ message of inner listening, and emphasised the value of check-ins, sharing circles and the value of attunement.

Within her small workshop groups, Mari worked experientially with issues brought in by participants and offered approaches to inner listening, deeper enquiry and honest communication. Afterwards there were opportunities for fruitful sharing time. Warm up games helped relax the group; there were think and listen sessions with a partner to assist clarity and focus; then the participants took cards from an Intuitive Solutions set (developed from The Game of Transformation). The workshops were well appreciated and Mari was praised by the organisers for her “wise and down to earth” approach.

To cap a hugely stimulating conference, the whole group (including Mari) were present for an address by the Dalai Lama in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall, where he emphasised the importance for all educators to cultivate attitudes of warm-heartedness, kindness and compassion, and encouraged his audience to research and document their findings when these attitudes were used in educational settings. It was an inspirational end to an enriching conference.

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