Breaking News re: Moray Art Centre

As some of you know, our dear Findhorn community member, Randy Klinger, has been relentlessly raising funds for the last few years to manifest his dream of an art centre in The Park here at Findhorn. His most recent and creative fundraising effort gave the Art Centre the chance to win £58,750 in lottery funds through a public telephone voting procedure. And we won, thanks to you! Here’s a note of appreciation from Randy for the Art Centre team. – Mattie Porte –

Dear Friends!

Hurrah! We won! £58,750 (105,000 US Dollars, 83,000 Euro)

Thank you for voting and supporting our project, YOUR project!

The Children’s / Special Needs People’s Studio is now FULLY FUNDED. Thanks
to you!

Many thanks! A beautiful, light-filled new studio for your children is now
on the way.

This award must be spent in 2006, so off we go!

As well, the project has received massive, positive publicity, attracting
lots of media attention and making the full funding package for the entire
centre even more probable, the centre more tangible and imminent for people,
government and funders.

Now our current funding situation, for the entire centre is as follows:

£ 311,000 (553,000 US Dollars, 439,000 Euro) Total in-place funding (77.8%)
£ 400,000 (712,000 US Dollars, 564,000 Euro) The Total Building Cost
£ 89,000 (158,000 US Dollars. 125,000 Euro) Current shortfall (22.2%)

At least 1000 of you called and texted. Thank you for all your support. We
hope that your support, of calling in with a winning result, has given you a
greater sense of ownership and future in the art centre: YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!

With deep appreciation and gratitude,

Randy Klinger
for the Art Centre team

The building is scheduled for commencement early 2006 with a completion date of autumn 2006. Watch this space.

To find out more, please contact Randy Klinger, Tel: 01309 690712,

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