G8 – The Findhorn Presence

A bell has rung every hour of my working Wednes-day, calling us to hold the G8 Summit meeting in nearby Gleneagles in love. It has rung throughout our gardens and community departments and tonight the 5 Rhythms group will dance their blessings and good wishes for the G8 and world, tying coloured, positive vibe infused, strips onto a tree in the Cluny Hill College Peace Garden…. as they send energetic support down to Gleneagles and into the world.

Colleague Yvonne Cuneo now describes a poignant event that happened last night:

“In our advanced sacred dance session in Universal Hall one participant asked us to join her in a ritual which was at once confronting and uncomfortable yet hugely powerful. Accompanied by some beautiful music we reached down and every three seconds picked up a ‘dead’ baby, bringing it up past our heart and high to the light, then reached down again. We did this for maybe five minutes – the whole length of the music.

Although highly confrontative, it brought the whole issue of infant mortality slap in my face and drove it home as nothing else has. It was an amazing moment together and in synch with global events.”

The business end of the G8 meeting starts on Thursday and could be a defining moment with the opportunity for political action to ease the plight of the poor as never before. The eight leaders can also ring the changes by taking steps to address climate change.

One of the group from Findhorn who are near Gleneagles telephoned to say that some of the radio reports proclaiming violence were untrue and that the Findhorn contingent were doing good conciliatory work with the more angry protestors. The marchers were able to get their message across and enjoy a good relationship with the police and other authorities. He was delighted when I told him that the BBC on-line news service had run a story that morning under the headline, Eco-village ‘is model for us all’.

The report by Lisa Mitchell went on to say that the Stirling community has been “very receptive” to the eco-village created to support peaceful protesters. Thousands of protesters heading for the G8 summit at Gleneagles are camping beside the River Forth in Stirling. It’s a campsite with a difference.

With the co-operation of the local authorities, they are living according to alternative social and ecological principles. They claim they are not idealistic dreamers but that their model has practical implications for the rest of us”

My caller was even more delighted to hear the message sent by Findhorn co-founder Eileen Caddy:

“To the Findhorn Community members at the G8 gathering, I am holding you in my awareness. Keep up the good work”.

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