G8 Summit – Inner Work

In less than three days’ time the leaders of the world’s eight major industrialised states — Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK and the US — will meet at Gleneagles, Perthshire for their annual summit. This year’s top agenda items are Africa and climate change.

Around two hours south of Findhorn this year’s G8 Summit is particularly anticipated, debated and viewed as a major opportunity to help end poverty and respond positively to climate change.

Since the weekend’s Live 8 concerts in all the eight countries that are member states of G8 you would indeed need to be a Martian not to be aware of the summit meeting and the hopes, fears and expectations surrounding this particular summit. The world wide concerts were not so much out of this world as more the eighth wonder of the world.

An estimated 5 billion (approximately 85% of the world’s population) tuned into the concerts through a variety of media and though celebratory, the concerts and associated peaceful protest marches were aimed at putting pressure on G8 Leaders.

A colleague and I were talking earlier about the energetic quality directed at the world leaders and agreed that the best we can do is simply hold the leaders and all involved in love, without fixing ourselves on a desired outcome.

Within the community, Cullerne garden focaliser Durten Lau has catalysed an inner mindfulness of the Summit by ringing a ‘mindfulness’ bell every hour from 9 to 5 at least for the duration of the Summit. Other departments are doing similar. The whole community is invited to meditate together on the evening of July 6 @ 8pm and a ten minute rolling OM will be sounded to transmit empowering and healing energy to humanity and the G8 Summit

Some Community members took outer action over the weekend and I asked recycled whisky barrel Barrel House visionary and resident filmmaker Roger Doudna to give us a snapshot of his experience:

“I was among a group of some twenty or so community members who went down to Edinburgh for the ‘Make Poverty History’ march on 2 July. We went in a bus chartered and peopled by our neighbours from Elgin, Forres and Aviemore, all of whom were keen to make their voices heard on Africa and other issues facing the actual summit.

I personally made and carried a large banner saying LEAVE BUSH BEHIND ON CLIMATE CHANGE – ‘CONTRACT CO2 & CONVERGE’, cuz I get animated around the prospect of us frying and flooding ourselves into oblivion as a species. But I was literally humbled by joining 225,000 other folks who each had their own passion, mostly around social justice and trade issues.

Interestingly, we WERE the event. There were few spectators. But it was the largest protest in Scottish history, and hence received reams of national and international media attention.

In the words of rock-singer and prime mover Bono, it was literally A BEAUTIFUL DAY, full of warm sunshine and nice middle class people doing a good thing in concert with billions around the world who were participating in or watching the various LIVE 8 events, all of whom made ‘consciousness-raising’ history in the process.

The stage is certainly now set for the G8 leaders to ‘rise to the occasion’ and actually make the decisions that will set a more sustainable course for Africa and the planet as a whole. Let us pray they do so.”

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