Ecovillage Gathering In Hungary

Moving away from the G8 Summit for a moment and the euphoria and horror associated with London, 45 ecovillage representatives from 15 countries across Europe have gathered in Hungary this week for their Annual General Assembly meeting.

Organised by GEN-Europe (the Global Ecovillage Network), the gathering in Hungary brings together people from a wide range of ecovillage initiatives across the continent — from Scotland to the Ukraine, from Portugal to Turkey. Ecovillages are models of low-impact, sustainable and satisfying human settlements.

Back to G8! The meeting in Hungary has welcomed the Network’s latest, if only temporary, member — the ecovillage in Stirling created by activists campaigning at the G8 Summit meeting in Gleneagles to demonstrate what we all want — practical ways of living sustainably, in harmony with the Earth.

“This initiative in Sterling is of huge importance”, said GEN-Europe Executive Secretary, Jonathan Dawson, “in demonstrating a positive and viable model for creating sustainable communities. The ecovillage movement represents a tangible step beyond the politics of protest and towards the building of concrete models of ecologically sustainable, just and viable human settlements with low levels of consumption and high quality of life”.

GEN-Europe comprises 72 members in 23 countries across Europe that are engaged in:

* renewable energy systems
* low-impact, ecological building techniques
* organic food production
* sustainable waste management
* developing sustainable transport systems
* promoting cooperative economic development
* developing inclusive decision-making structures.

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Finally, the Foundation and GEN collaborate this October to celebrate the first ten years of the Global Ecovillage Network. Beginning October 1 this seven day gathering, Ecovillages: New Frontiers for Sustainability, celebrates the past, present and future of GEN. We invite you to join us as we welcome the pioneers and current leading edge practitioners of the ecovillage movement!

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