Cosmic Hobo Hitches A Ride Into the Galaxy

Jeremy Ralph Slocombe died in his sleep on Wednesday 15 June 2005, a month shy of his 50th birthday. He was part of the Findhorn Foundation Community for 28 years, sharing his gifts as a writer, satirist, publicist, counsellor, friend and general enthusiast for life.

In his native land, Jeremy was proclaimed Young Australian of the Year in 1971 and promptly did a solo world tour the following year. When he returned to Canberra, he produced a radio comedy series in 1973 and spent 1974 in the creative division of its largest advertising agency. After spending two years with his parents in Pakistan where he often did tarot readings for the diplomatic community, he was drawn to the Findhorn Foundation Community in 1977. He was the principal fundraiser for the Foundation’s purchase of the caravan park.

It was also during this period that he contributed to many Foundation events and publications, including a popular comedy column called Making Light. He produced a wonderful series of satirical community plays with titles like A Findhorn Christmas Carol, The Return of the Count, The Wizard of Us, 2001 – A Space Idiocy, and Sacred Cows of Our Times, that featured conspicuous community members playing themselves and provided ample insight and merriment for all.

From 1989-91 he worked for the BBC in London as a feature writer for the Radio Times where he produced their first special edition on the environment. It was during these years that he was mugged in London, and tragically suffered from epileptic seizures thereafter. Undaunted, he lived in Germany from 1993-96 where he wrote In Perfect Timing, the biography of Peter Caddy, co-founder of the Findhorn Community. Jeremy survived the car crash in 1994 in which Peter Caddy was fatally injured.

He returned here to Findhorn in 1996 as a self-sufficient, though often impecunious, community servant until his death. In recent years he helped initiate the NFA community association and served on the board of the Findhorn Bay Local Nature Reserve. Happily, his last days were as full of life, projects, friends, encouragement and enthusiasm as had been the rest of his remarkable years. His light and delight will be missed.

There will be an informal memorial service to honour and celebrate Jeremy on Friday 24 June at 9AM in the Universal Hall. At the request of the family, donations should be sent to the epilepsy fund –

Roger Doudna

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