Election Hustings at Universal Hall

Universal Hall, a venue that has hosted conferences on Forgiveness and Peace, rock and classical concerts is set to host an Election Hustings that could prove crucial in the General Election due to take place in the UK on May 5.

The election hustings – a public meeting where candidates meet the electorate and answer questions – will take place on Wednesday evening April 27 and community residents will be joined by voters from all corners of Moray.

The Moray parliamentary seat is one of several marginal seats in Scotland and is currently held by the SNP (Scottish National party). The evening promises a special and intriguing event with all five candidates of the main political parties invited to attend. They can expect to face questions on key issues such as sustainability, jobs, education, recycling, healthcare and Iraq.

Convener for the evening, Jonathan Dawson, commented, “It is an opportunity to participate in the decisions being made that affect us all, and to be informed. If we expect our elected representatives to speak for us, we have to let them know what we think. Many people have not made up their minds yet or may not know where the candidates stand on important issues…..now is the time to find out!”

Already the build up within the community is palpable with teams of helpers being recruited to help service an event which is expected to see a large turnout. I am curious to see what colour flowers are chosen for The Hall! this evening and how the candidates fare in this environment.

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