Blessings on the Wind

On Sunday 13 February the community gathered to bless the site where three new wind turbines will join Moya, the electricity-generating wind turbine already gracing the skyline at The Park. On one of the windiest days of the year, the community sang and danced to mark the granting of local planning permission for the new turbines, which will help to make The Park ecovillage energy self-sufficient.

Alex Walker, a long term Community member and director of Findhorn Wind Park Ltd, attended a hearing with Moray Council planners, who by a narrow margin recommended approval of the Wind Park’s plans. Alex was delighted by the outcome of the hearing, “It’s nothing like the large windfarms run by multinational companies, being proposed in other parts of Scotland. It’s a small-scale, locally run project producing renewable energy and an exciting addition to the ecovillage. It is great news which will help make the Findhorn Foundation and Community energy self-sufficient. We can get 100 per cent of our electricity needs met with this project when the wind is blowing, and even export what we don’t need to use.”

Concern was expressed at the hearing about the effect the wind turbines will have on the local landscape, as this part of Moray is an area of great natural beauty. Moya, a fairly small-sized turbine, has been “chugging away” since 1989 and is now a familiar sight on the skyline. The three turbines who will join her will also be of modest size and not the largest-sized ones possible. It appears that the beauty of wind turbines rests mainly in the eyes of the beholder.

The Foundation and community are looking forward to welcoming the new arrivals to The Park, due to be constructed this spring if all goes according to plan. With gusts of up to 80mph yesterday, the wind itself was blessing the project!

You can find more information on renewable wind energy at The Park here.

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