Global Meditation for Global Catastrophe

The daily 12 noon meditations, for those affected by the tsunami, have continued here and on Monday January 3, a world wide link up, organised by the International Network of Engaged Buddhists will amplify the wave of prayer directed to Asia. This link will be led by The Venerable Dhammananda Bhikkuni from Nakom Prathom province, Thailand.

It is understood there will be a national, UK, time of silence on Monday. Prime Minister, Tony Blair has called the earthquake/tsunami a ‘global catastrophe’ and restated his belief that the United Nations had to play the lead role in the relief effort.

Our New Year celebrations in The Hall became a fundraising benefit for Asia. This global catastrophe which has been met with great financial kindness by so many people offers an opportunity for us all to extend goodwill and brotherhood/sisterhood on an unprecedented scale.

We hope you are able to link with us on Monday and help send a healing wave of prayer and love.

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