Wave of Prayer for Asia

The Park Sanctuary was full today (Tuesday December 28) as Community members gathered to express prayerful support for all affected by the Asian earthquake/tsunami.

Two further meditations will take place this week, Wednesday and Thursday, both at 12 noon in the The Park sanctuary, and we ask you to link with us so that our love and fraternal concern may be amplified. Auroville and Sarvodaya are part of the Global Ecovillage Network.

May East, who has catalysed the meditations and the Findhorn Foundation and community response, says that some members of Auroville joined in today’s Park sanctuary meditation. Auroville’s beach settlements have been devastated, though there are no personal casualties in Auroville itself.

The Findhorn Foundation and community is also wiring financial aid. Please join us if you possibly can in our meditations so that Asia may feel a healing wave of prayer.

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