New Year’s Message from Eileen Caddy, MBE

Thank you to all who have sent me cards, letters and good wishes at this time of Solstice, Christmas and New Year.

Since I fractured my hip and had surgery at the end of November, I am ‘Being’ and feel grateful for this time, and to all those who care for me.

These are serious times in the world. It struck me that the following guidance from Opening Doors Within for December 28, is as appropriate as ever:

“Let there be unity in diversity. See the many paths all leading to the centre, to Me, each one different and yet each one leading in the same direction. The closer they come to the centre, the greater the unity, until all become one in Me, and there is no longer diversity but complete unity. You will find it taking place more and more with the many centres of light all over the world.

As the world situation grows darker and worsens, so shall they grow brighter and brighter, until light overcomes all darkness. It is good to see a wider picture of what is taking place, but it is also very important to realise that it all starts within you.

Realise that what is taking place within the individual goes out into the world and is reflected in the world situation. That is why peace of heart and mind is so essential within you, and why harmony, understanding and deep love should flow between you and all others.

Blessings on each and everyone of you as we move through these vast global changes that are taking place.

Lovingly, Eileen.

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