Earthquake/Tsunami Disaster

Members of the Findhorn Foundation and Community will gather today, Tuesday December 28 in The Park’s main sanctuary to pray for all affected by the world’s strongest earthquake in 40 years.

This special meditation, probably the first of many, will focus on the people and countries of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and The Maldives, and not least the international rescue services.

The shock waves of the tsunami impact on our community as we have many links with Asia. Auroville in India has been a sister community since the 1960s and cofounded the Global Ecovillage Network with Findhorn and others in 1995. We have an ongoing exchange programme with Auroville and one of our staff members is currently there. It is understood she is safe and well.

Sarvodaya, a network of 11,000 traditional village in Sri Lanka, is a very important part of the ecovillage movement and also a member of the Global Ecovillage Network.Some of its leaders have attended Ecovillage Training here at the Findhorn Foundation.

Our appeal is for as many of you as possible to link in with our meditation so that our centre of light can offer support, strength and comfort to all affected.

If you would like to help more visit

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