Trees for Life is on TV too!

Trees for Life, a Scottish conservation charity dedicated to the regeneration and restoration of the Caledonian Forest in the Highlands of Scotland, features in a BBC1 television programme, on Wednesday November 10.

The programme, ‘British Isles A Natural History’ is shown at 9pm and includes a 10 minute regional slot at the end of each programme. Alan Watson Featherstone, long-time resident, Trees for Life founder and one of the community’s most inspirational figures, was filmed in Glen Affric in early May this year.

Also featured is Roy Dennis, who worked for many years with the RSPB on the ospreys at Loch Garten, and who was responsible for the reintroduction of red kites to Scotland.

The programme comes two days after the first of the Channel 4 programmes The Haven, a fly-on-the-wall-style documentary on the Findhorn community, is broadcast, an interesting synchronicity which Alan says ‘is a sure sign of spirit at work.’

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