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Community residents gather in Universal Hall on Monday November 8 @ 8pm, to watch the first of the new Channel 4 series, The Haven. Many more friends and supporters around the UK and Europe will be tuning in with us too.

The production team spent 15 weeks following almost our every move and were given access to most areas of community life. The decision to say yes to the programmes came in the spirit of transparency and the belief that what we do here is relevant to as many as possible.

At Sunday brunch today a mix of nervous excitement prevailed. Will the true spirit of Findhorn be conveyed? How will the programmes be received by both public and media? These are but two of the questions I heard from folk.

A special public response page has been created on our website inviting people to tell us what they thought of the programme. Community reaction will also be given. The site will be live prior to the programme going out, Please visit the site and tell us what you thought of The Haven.

Hurrah for The Guardian. Below is how The Guardian’s TV columnist previewed the first of the programmes:

“All the hippy clichés about Findhorn are true — tree-hugging does take place, chakras are discussed, plants are spoken to, and they can’t make a decision for toffee because they’re all looking for higher guidance — but this commendably neutral documentary is careful to contextualise and show a community full of humility and goodwill.
It might not be everyone’s idea of a perfect life, but it does present an alternative to our increasingly secular, consumer-driven, urban lifestyles”.

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