Haven and Hall

Universal Hall provided no haven for those seeking the stillness tonight (November 8) as a full house, boisterous and expectant, gathered for the first programme in the new Channel 4 series, The Haven.

Mari Hollander and Geoffrey Colwill could barely make themselves heard as they called for the customary moment of silence and a blessing for the programmes. An hour later the contrast was marked as groups huddled together discussing what they had seen.

Starting at summer solstice the programme followed three women through our entry programme Experience week, and a visiting Indian guru who wanted to build a temple.

Moving around the Hall afterwards I found, unsurprisingly for a Findhorn audience, that the reaction was mixed though most said they found the programme honest, real and humorous. Someone said the programme reflected love and another that it lacked depth.

Highlights, most agreed, were the visiting Indian guru being sent on his bike by elder Craig Gibsone, the ‘unfolding scene’ in Experience week and the balanced transparency of the three women on Experience week. And not least the beautifully photographed landscape in which we live.

There were some cringe moments; the heart chakra hug led by visitor Micaela, and the new logo discussion, plus some very funny ones; Stewart laughing, before or after! he spoke to the vegetables in Cluny Hill College kitchen and…the heart chakra hug!

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