We’re On The Telly

The first of three fly-on-the-wall style programmes made by Real Life for Channel 4, UK, titled The Haven, will be broadcast on Monday November 8, and then successive Mondays.

It is the first time the Findhorn Foundation community has featured in a documentary series of this nature and it feels unreal to leaf through the programme schedules and see that a programme about life here is on TV at the same time as Eastenders.

Fly-on-the-wall programmes by their nature can give only a flavour or two of their subject and we hope the flavour reflected will be organic and sweet rather than soapy.

The production team spent 15 weeks following almost our every move and were given access to most areas of community life. The decision to say yes to the programmes came in the spirit of transparency and the belief that what we do here is relevant to as many as possible.

Community members will gather in Universal Hall on Monday November 8 to watch the first of the programmes.

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