Connecting with God, Nature and now…Holland.

Dorothy Maclean is ‘home'; in Findhorn for two weeks. Our intrepid co-founder returns after a successful five-city tour of Australia and an extended time of being on the road. Dorothy has returned to lead, with Judy McAllister, a workshop named, Falling in Love with God. It is good to see her; the place always feels warmer when Dorothy returns.

Next stop is Holland. From November 2 Dorothy gives a talk and workshops at The Edge/De Voorde (Laag Zuthem). For more information email,

Dorothy is most often associated with her work with angels and devas, yet her true passion is the connection with God. She has always underlined this direct and personal connection as one of the two primary teachings/inspirations that Findhorn has to offer the world. If you are able to see her in Holland my advice is…take this opportunity.

For more information about The Edge visit

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