Triathlon Fun

The youngest was nine tears old; the oldest 62, one was a cook another a lover of and campaigner for trees. Their common connection is that they were all triathletes, at least for the afternoon of Saturday September 4, as the once annual Findhorn community fun triathlon returned.

Swimming, cycling and running. All threee disciplines were completed in the spirit of the olympic ideal; that it’s more about taking part than winning. The sun blazed yet there was no marathon meltdown as experienced by Olymoic UK runner Paula Radcliffe, all competitors finishing in good shape, if hot and weary. Though some looked disconcertingly fresh!

The triathlon started at the RAF’s Kinloss swimming pool and after twenty lengths or so the three man/woman teams cycled the back road to The Park and then ran through the Field of Dreams, along Pine Ridge and down to the finish line on the Village Green.

A feature of this year’s triathlon was the inclusion of a family category and the loudest applause came for the team named The Fruitbats. Elizabeth and Jamie Watson, daughter Madeline and 20 month old son Oliver. Oliver was pushed around the Park course in his buggy by Jamie and at the end clambered out and ran to the finish line.

Kevin Watson Featherstone, 9, lined up alongside his dad Alan Watson. Fay Blackburn completed team Trees. The Super Dupers, Santiago Allstars, The Karlies and two teams fielded by our American students were among those who enjoyed an afternoon that was drenched in fun as well as sunshine.

Organisers Geoffrey Colwill, David Fulford and our Health and Safety Officer Colin Milne declared themselves delighted with the afternoon. Already, next year’s event is anticipated. 1-2-3 GO!

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