Helmi’s Passage to India

Recently while our children returned to school in neighbouring Kinloss and Forres their summertime playgroup leader Helmi Komarek also returned to her school in. . . India.

The name Helmi has become our two-year old’s mantra over recent weeks and this is no surprise as the subject of this mantra has enchanted many of our children and adults with her warm hearted, inspirational devotion to her charges.

Here for three months as playgroup leader, based in the playhouse at Pine Ridge, Helmi Komarek brought the playhouse to life and catalysed a group of people who have reinvigorated the part the playhouse plays in community life. Before leaving Helmi said “I hope that the Playhouse will not return to its former sleeping beauty state but will be used with love, care and joy for all these children.”

Community resident Jutta Geissler, who among others, worked alongside Helmi in revitalising the playhouse said “It has been beautiful to see Helmi’s love and creativity feeding the children, inspiring us all and not least gently introducing the culture of India into playgroup activities”.

Her time here was a respite from her school project in one of India’s poorest regions in the south, 150km from Bangalore, where she trains teachers and fundraises to be able to give the children among other things, mineral water so they don’t have to drink the badly polluted water and so have less worms.

Helmi is fundraising to help the children and elders in her village and to pay the teachers’ fees. If you can help please email her on . Thank you.

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