Lorian September Online Classes

Since David Spangler’s appearance at the recent Spirit of Healing Conference I have received more than a few ‘is he coming back’ and ‘which of his books would you recommend’ requests, and while I don’t yet know when he will return to Findhorn, I can tell you that you can sit behind your home computer and engage directly with him through the online classes given by David and his colleagues from the Lorian Association.

Lorian, based in Issaquah, Washington near Seattle, was founded in 1974 by David, Dorothy Maclean and other former Findhorn members. Kiting with Allies, Deepening Into Spirit and The Practice of Incarnational Spirituality are some of Lorian’s new online classes that start from September 6. They vary in length and run through to next Summer. I hope to kite with allies !

Taking a Lorian online class is a wonderful opportunity to develop your spirituality in a deeply integrous and down-to-earth context. David Spangler, as well as being a Findhorn founding-figure, is considered by many to be one of the profound spiritual teachers of our time.

He’s also known to be partial to chocolate cake and for his sweet and stirring musical tastes that were showcased during the Healing conference through a collaboration with The Waterboys.

Details of the new Lorian online curriculum can be found by visiting

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