Happy Birthday Eileen

Eileen Caddy, MBE, co-founder of the Findhorn Foundation is 87 today (August 26.) To honour and celebrate Eileen the cover of our weekly magazine, Rainbow Bridge, is for the first time in full colour and as you can see, photographer Barbara William’s picture expresses Eileen’s grace and beauty at 87.

The now customary afternoon birthday tea party will take place in the community centre today and many, both here and around the world, will also take time on the inner to celebrate and give thanks for our beloved Eileen.

Long-time community resident Sandy Barr stopped me along Pine Ridge earlier with the following poetic tribute to Eileen:

Eileen Caddy, MBE

For ‘spiritual inquiry’ they gave to me,
A little gong called the MBE
Not quite sure what that’s all about,
A bit like the Beatles’ ‘Twist and Shout’.

But God spoke to me and what did He say?
The MBE can be seen in another way!
In the 87th year of the Findhorn Queen,
MBE means….’My Beautiful Eileen’.
PS I Love You.

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